Frequently Asked Questions

How will My Memory Catcher™ help me?
We offer you a unique, personalized service that makes it easy, fast, and fun for you to recall, retell, and treasure the adorable and happiest moments of your loved one’s life. So many people (especially parents) regret not writing down these special stories. We’ll do that for you. You'll save time, feel good, have the stories organized, and best'll sure make the loved ones in your life feel special!

Who is the primary audience for My Memory Catcher™?
Who makes you smile most? THAT's the person (or pet) you may want to spotlight. So if you are a parent or grandparent who wants to spotlight a child, then you are the perfect audience for us! If you are married or have a significant other who makes you smile most...then you are also the perfect audience for us! And, if you have a best friend or co-worker that brings you lots of laughter and happiness, then you're perfect also! We even have a historian service for pet owners, so those of you who have a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, or other pet that makes you laugh and fit perfectly in our audience, too! So our perfect audience is all of you!

What are Parent Historians™?
Specially trained loving individuals skilled at drawing out and capturing your heartwarming happy stories. Happiness Historians are unique to My Memory Catcher. All have extensive experience in journalism and/or working with children and families, making them the perfect partner for turning your memories into legacies.

What services do you provide?
Scheduled phone interviews, compelling questions to bring out the best of each happy story, easy and fun to use tools to help you remember your stories in between interviews, a spiral bound printed journal of the precious stories, and personalized storytelling gift items. We also offer a “Power of Memories” workshop for organizations.
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When do you conduct the interviews?
You (or the person you choose to have us interview) and your personal My Memory Catcher Historian will agree upon and commit to a set schedule. Each interview is kept to 20 minutes for optimum storytelling and capturing (and time for laughing!)

Can I email you the stories?
The benefit of our interviewing you is at the heart of what makes the My Memory Catcher™ process so unique and meaningful to people. Many say that the opportunity to slow down and share their stories is a joyful and welcomed treat. Another reason we only capture the stories through interviews is that your personal Historian will ask you questions to help draw out additional details to make the stories that much more memorable.

Where are the interviews conducted?
Since the interviews are by phone, you can be anywhere that is quiet and conducive for you to gush about your precious and funny loved one!