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Hear why Keri Gee captures happiness!

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Our philosophy is simple. The more you take time to notice, joyfully react, remember, and reminisce about the precious people and pets around you…the happier you, your family, friends, colleagues, and the community will be.

Every day people and pets are doing things that make you smile…the kinds of adorable moments you wish you could remember and retell tomorrow and forever.

My Memory Catcher

Our passion is to help heighten happiness
within families, friendships, and in communities around the world.


About Us

Keri Gee Semmelman, My Memory Catcher™
Passionate Owner

 I grew up in a storytelling family. Hearing my parents retell stories over the years has brought so much laughter and happiness to my entire family. This experience, coupled with my professional background and love of children, animals, and the goodness of people inspired me to innovate the My Memory Catcher™ service (and Parent Historian, Happiness Historian, and Pet Historian concepts). It's my way of helping busy parents, grandparents, other relatives, spouses, best friends, business owners, and petlovers capture, in writing, the most priceless and happiest moments that take place around them. 

Storytelling brings  the teller and the listener a wealth of joy.  That’s why I have always delighted in asking  friends and colleagues the question, "What's the most precious thing that your child, grandchild, spouse, or pet has done lately?" The stories each time are beautifully different, yet the result of sharing the answer is ALWAYS the same – the friend or colleague is so happy to remember, retell, and relive the moment and  often says..."I wish I would take the time to write all of these stories down so that I can remember them forever!" 

After hearing so many people say this, I knew the time had come to create My Memory Catcher™. This exciting venture is my  solution for generating good news within people's homes to counteract all the bad news that seems to capture the headlines and often brings down the human spirit. Plus, sharing good news like this is so healthy for people!

I have combined two of my passions, journalism and celebrating people and pets, to bring you My Memory Catcher™. As an award-winning public relations go-getter, sought after dynamic speaker, passionate educator and youth leader for the past three decades, I know first-hand how to capture special stories that make your heart smile!

With the help of my team of Happiness Historians,  you’ll see first-hand the positive power of memories and  will be even more in the habit of looking for and recognizing the “good”  your children, spouse, other family/relatives, co-workers, best friends, and pets are doing. The collection of happy memories will help unite families and create a less stressful and more fun environment for everyone...filled with lots more giggles to go around. And parents and their families will have a library of memories to refer to for a lifetime and a legacy to give to future generations.
In case you are wondering, that’s me in the photo  cheering, and I haven’t stopped since.
I proudly dedicate My Memory Catcher™ in honor of my master storytelling father, in memory of my precious mother, and in appreciation of my four siblings.



Keri Gee Semmelman
OC Business Journal "Women in Business Award Nominee" 2010

Cindy Spinosa, Master Historian

We're pleased to introduce Cindy Spinosa, a warm and caring business consultant, who is our Master Historian. Cindy is the mother of three children; two adult boys and one elementary school age girl. Plus she loves animals! She has spent the past 8 ½ years in the healthcare industry caring for children and families. She's taught elementary age children in Sunday school and enjoyed helping gather and display children's artwork for the City of Downey’s Art Fair.

Cindy will work closely with you and our Historians to ensure every step of the memory catching process is joyful and memorable for you and your family.

Cindy believes it’s so important to slow down and enjoy the little things in life, especially the ones that our children, spouse, friends, and pets bring to us each and every day. Their purity and innocence in how they see the world in such a wonderful way reminds us how simple things can be. Cindy is excited to share this journey with My Memory Catcher and with all of you. She especially welcomes making a difference in the world…one precious memory at a time.

My Memory Catcher™ is located in Southern California and is honored to help capture precious stories that will bring more happiness to families and the world.

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Cindy S., Baby photo