Power of Happy Momories Workshop


Is your Parent Club or community organization looking for a fun topic/program for one of your upcoming meetings between now and the end of the year (or even after the New Year)? If yes, then I hope you will get back in touch with me at your earliest opportunity! I'm so excited to be offering a complimentary 60-90-minute fun workshop called "The Power of Happy Memories." I've tailored it to busy parents (moms & dads), as well as grandparents and would be honored to speak at your parents' club!   I plan to extend this complimentary offer into 2010, as well!

If you are like me…you feel there is way too much bad news that makes the headlines. So, I want to help lift people's spirits, add some more fun to your holiday season and year, and also offer you and fellow parents 10 core steps for turning memories into happiness.   The workshop is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to improve their wellbeing through the laughter and happiness their memories generate. It will be a fun walk down memory lane! If children also attend the meeting…I'll make it fun for them, too!

As the founder and "Happiness Historian" of My Memory Catcher – and a longtime award-winning professional speaker and public relations go-getter for nonprofits and businesses - my goal of coming to your Club is two-fold. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of busy parents and help celebrate the wonderful children in our community!

My Memory Catcher "Parent Historian" service captures children's adorable moments as recalled by adults…the kinds  of moments that parents and loved ones do not want to forget, yet cannot find the time to write them down themselves.    I believe that each individual's memories are unique and priceless, and I want families to be able to preserve and cherish them forever…and you may even want to pass them down to your child (or share them with his/her spouse) some day!  

My Memory Catcher is also expanding to offer personalized memory catching services for husbands/wives, best friends, military families, and pet owners!

If your group is interested in having me come speak, and/or you know another group who would welcome this fun and informative opportunity, please call or email me at (714) 847-1512, kerigee@MyMemoryCatcher.net

Wishing you and your loved ones many priceless memories during the holidays and throughout 2010!

Capturing Your Happiness,

Keri Gee Semmelman